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BathFitFam is a community health and fitness group, offering free fitness group sessions and special pop-up events.

We want to unite the people of Bath under the umbrella of health and wellness – helping foster a sense of community.


Join our Park Run!

We host a weekly run club, held in Bath’s beautiful Victoria Park at 9am on Sundays. Meet at 8.55am at the Botanic Gardens entrance for an Instructor-led quick warm up. All abilities welcome – our run club is for:

So…our run club is for everyone!

Bathfitfam merch

To help us support what we do we drop exclusive merch from time to time, meaning you can rep with pride whilst knowing you’ve done something amazing to help support the community! Contact us to find out more and get yourself some bespoke BathFitFam merch…

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Train With Experts



AKA: Tinner

Andy – is a well-known figure in Bath. He is the epitome of functional fitness.

Whilst playing lots and lots of football he turned his hand to various careers (pizza chef, scaffolder and landscape gardener to name a few) before his overriding passion for health and fitness became his life’s work. Andy is a L3 PT and L1 CrossFit Coach amongst other things, and can be found teaching both group and 121 sessions at various establishments in and beyond Bath.

Andy’s “go get it” approach is second to none and he brings this to his work with the BathFitFam community in no uncertain terms.


AKA: Rozza

Rosanna is an absolute ray of sunshine to anyone who knows her. Her smile face, personable demeanour, and ability to move more weights than most men mean she’s a stalwart of the fitness community. Not only can Rozza lift heavy, she’s blessed with rhythm and grace too, and this see her teaching Zumba and Dance & Flow, as well as doing great work with people like Bath Rugby Foundation.


Her day job isn’t quite as enamouring – something to do with traffic management fleet insurance or monasteries as far as we can tell (we’re not too sure) but we love her ole in BathFitFam so its best not to ask.


AKA: The QuizMaster

David is an active father of two boys and proud Labrador owner, so can often be found walking around Bath or plunging into the river (only on really hot days!)

An event professional with a background in operational management, David tries to bring some order and structure to proceedings at BathFitFam; often falling short due to Andy’s exuberance. 

David is perhaps best known for being BathFitFam’s resident QuizMaster, a result of lockdown that is at least different to making sourdough.


AKA: Travel

Katie has a multitude of talents including magazine editor, biographical journalist, interior stylist and consultant, and travel writer, not to mention her keen eye for a decent graphic. It’s many of these traits that meant we kept pestering Katie for help with ads, posts and stories, so much so that it was only fair to bring her in-house properly and become one of the team. We still get the great output, now just feel slightly less guilty…


Katie helps keep our ship sailing on an even keel and can be found jogging at Run Club, training in the gym, renovating her house, or most likely, bottomless-brunching in Giggling Squid.

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